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Palazzetto Leonardi is an ancient, completely restored and decorated palace.

It dates from the early XV century when it raised together the Castrum Sancti Pauli in Jana feud walls , the current San Polo dei Cavalieri municipality.

Given its strategic location between the tower and the main fortress gate, its original use was for a military purpose.

The feud passing from the Church dominion to Orsini family, permitted the radical restructuring from a military garrison to a prestigious residence. The most significant renovations were made between the XVI and XVII centuries when the Rock successed to Cesi family. In XIX century the first private owner, Vincenzo Meucci, made significant palace enrichments with decorations and paintings. The last owner, architect Leonardi, between the end of XIX and early XX century left a Liberty imprint to the  palace which gives the currently visible charm and beauty.

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