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Palazzetto Leonardi

via delle Scuole, 10

00010 San Polo dei Cavalieri

- Roma -


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It dates from the early XV century when it raised together the Castrum Sancti Pauli in Jana feud walls, the current San Polo dei Cavalieri municipality. The frontal facade had four symmetrical windows and its walls were the guard of the ancient feud main gate.




Due the initial palace use as a military fortress, the ground floor room was a stables and a fodder and food storage. This jutifies the strong stone presence in the details of its structure. In XVI century, the feud passed from the Church dominion to Orsini family, and the palace had a radical restructuring from a military garrison to a prestigious residence. The facade remains unchanged, but the roof is built and its interiors are certainly adequate, especially the upper floors. Similarly at the castle rock, in XVII century, with the alternation of Cesi family to Orsini family, the palace have a new important restructuring.

In the XIX century, the new owner, Vincenzo Meucci, built two upper floors and a new roof in the occasion of the bird of his three children. In 1833 Liberata Meucci is married to Luigi Leonardi. The last restructuring, in Liberty stile, take in early '900 by the descendants of Luigi.



or how born, in Turin, in 1847,

Italian national anthem






The song was written on January the first, 1847, by Filippo Meucci, good patriot and literary man, son of  Vincenzo, the first owner of our Palazzetto