Palazzetto Leonardi

since '400 between history & nature

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We offer you  a pleasant hospitality thanks to the italian tradition of cakes, caffè, milk, jams, honey, brioches and local specialities. You can have breakfast in our decorated and confortable rooms.

All rooms have a private toilette with a glass showing cab, phonbe, digital TV.

We can arrange special menù such as vegetable, tipical, meat or fish menù.

The reading room can be used for relax or to taste aperitif, coffè, herb tea or tea, to read a book in quiet or to program excursions about your vacation.

Our formula can be overnight stay with italian breakfast or half or complete board.

You can have the chech-in from 10:00 a.m. and the check-out within the 11:00 a.m. of the departure day.

The services included are: room cleaning, bedding, towels and warming-up. On request: laundry.

Due the presence of architectural barriers of the ancient palace structure, our hotel is NOT accessible to the persons with motor disorders.


Palazzetto Leonardi

via delle Scuole, 10

00010 San Polo dei Cavalieri

- Roma -


tel. e fax +39 0774 415184

cell. +39 339 3262345


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Half-board or board formulas

with meat or fish menù

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